People Refused To Adopt This One-Eyed Pirate Cat Because Of How He Looked, Until One Day…

This kitty wasn’t getting adopted and the reason why? His peculiar ‘pirate’ look which many people seemed to not want…  He spent many days in a shelter, until one day someone decided that he was special—even with his pirate face!

After 6 months of waiting, this kitty was finally adopted and his new owner decided to name him ‘Wesley.’

Wesley the cat has quite the facial expression, but his new owners actually found this to be unique and special unlike all the others that seemed to ignore him in the shelter.

His new owners could see his beauty, so they adopted him!


“I met Wesley for the first time a couple of days after he was dropped off (at the shelter). I was in love, but I couldn’t afford him yet and just KNEW he would be adopted in no time,” said Wesley’s human via Love Meow.

“When I returned to the shelter about 6 months later, I was shocked to see he still hasn’t been adopted!

“A lot of people just didn’t think he was very pretty to look at, and he was labeled special needs due to his congestion issues.

“I took him home and the rest is history.”


Wesley loves hanging out with his new human during his lunch break on the porch. “It’s the little things in life.”


This kitty looks scary to some people, but his new human finds him beautiful!


“Nobody knows for certain how I became so handsome-I may have been born this way (lucky!) or I may have suffered some sort of trauma to the side of my face. But my human fell in love with my swashbuckling self and now I’m enjoying a happy life of pillaging and plundering (mostly hairbands and cat treats of course).” Via Instagram


Wesley even loves hanging out with the other cats, he’s just a bundle of joy!


Yaaaaaaaaaawn… “I’m so glad someone decided to love me…”



Some people think Wesley looks a little scary, but his owners think he’s the sweetest little jewel ever and we think so too! :)

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H/T: LoveMeow, Photos: via instagram: @wesley_the_pirate_cat

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