We’ve Heard Of Crazy Cat Ladies Who Have More Than One Cat, But This??? I Just LOVE It!!

We’ve heard of crazy cat ladies who have more than one cat. The cats are spoiled rotten, have free reign of the house, and get plenty of cuddles and love.

But when one man has three adorable cats, he’s more of a crazy cat gentleman! See how loving his three cats are! Best of all, they’re all clingy!

If I fits, I sits.  

Man_has_3_catsThese three cats love their human Dad. If it involves cuddling, they’re waiting. Sometimes it involves cramming into that tiny spot between Dad and chair.

He works around the cat.

Man_works_with_catAnyone with a cat knows that you work around them, they don’t work around you.

Who stole the chair?

Cat_steals_chairDid you know that if a cat steals the chair, it’s theirs?

The human as chair.

Man_works_with_catEvery cat knows that when the other cat claims the chair, it’s time to sit on the human!

Is it Tummy Tuesday yet?

Tummy_tuesdayIt’s snuggle time!

I love my Daddy!

Cat_lays_on_manIt’s all worth it when your cat looks at you this way.

Cuddle time equally divided.

Man_hugs_catAll three cats have their share of their Dad’s time.

It’s snooze time. 

Man_and_cat_sleepingI guess the others are stuck with the chair.

So, there aren’t just crazy cat ladies?? I Just LOVE this—SHARE with your friends!! :)

Via: lovemeow 

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