What This Girl Did With Her Birthday Money, Will Melt Your Heart… It’s Just AMAZING

Lucina is just 13 years olds, but she has a heart of gold and true love of a saint!

She was riding along one day next to Moonee Ponds Creek tracks, but then she noticed something directly in front of her, so she stopped and it was seven kittens!  She immediately stopped her heart went out to the poor kittens…

She knew she had to do something keep reading below:


“They were so cute. I didn’t want to leave them, they looked so forlorn and lost,” she said. “It was raining so I ran home to get a laundry basket to collect them.” reported HeraldSun

She returned to fetch the poor bedraggled kittens and all of a sudden another surprise happened, another nine kittens ran up to her, it was almost like a colony of kittens had finally found their rescuer hero!

She then had a total of 14 kittens, but no way to get them to any place for help, but then something wonderful happened!

Lort Smith Animal Hospital was a ways away and she didn’t have anyone to take her to the hospital to help rescue the kittens, but then she remembered a gift that was given to her just a few weeks earlier:

“It was my birthday a few weeks ago and someone gave me $50 so I used it for a taxi to take the kittens into Lort Smith,” she said via HeraldSun.

Thankfully all kittens were saved and Lucina at just 13 years old became a hero that day and gave all the money she had to save kittens in need—Many people haven’t heard this story, but her silent trues act of kindness will live on forever in our minds!

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