When You See What These 15 Cats Are Up To, You’ll Be Cracking Up… How Can They Do This?!

Most cats hate water, but some love water and when you see how much these 15 cats love water, you’ll be laughing out loud!  These pictures of natural cats loving water are just hilarious!…

When we see cats enjoying water, it’s always a funny sight to see, but just wait till you see what these cats are doing with the water they found!

Cats sometimes look dejected and sad when their fur is covered in water, but these cats you see below are actually enjoying water and it’ll make you laugh out lout…

1. Wheeo… Just finished the last lap!

cats-loving-water-5via: elevin mcdvelve

2. The cat that enjoys the beach more than his owner…

cats-loving-water-15via: laplepardbengals.com

3. The cat that refuses to drink from the water basin, instead choose the kitchen sink’s faucet.

cats-loving-water-14Via: Dech Screen

4. …And when its time for a bath they aren’t complaining!

cats-loving-water-13Via: Imgur

5. No matter how wet it is or how crazy the angle, the bathroom sink is the ‘cats meow’

cats-loving-water-12Via: Unknown

6. The cat that can spot water even if it’s in the form of ice.

cats-loving-water-11Via: Dech Screen

7. Testing the waters…

cats-loving-water-10via: elevin mcdvelve

8. The cat that enjoys taking bath with his human.

cats-loving-water-9Via: Iris Grace Painting

9. Trying to find the water, but still cannot drink, but enjoys it still…

cats-loving-water-8Via: Unknown

10. The cat that has just discovered an amazing object, ‘faucet’

cats-loving-water-7Via: elevin mcdvelve

11.  The cat that won’t let his ears get wet even if he’s ready for a bath!

cats-loving-water-6Via: getcatnipdaily.com

12. The cat that loves to take laps in the family swimming pool.

cats-loving-water-4Via: elevin mcdvelve

13.  Cannot let go from flowing water source…

cats-loving-water-3Via: Instagram user

14. If it fits, it drinks!

cats-loving-water-1Via: Unknown

15.  Ahhh, the BEST part of the day!  purrfect…

cats-loving-water-2Via: Reddit

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