When You See What This Cat Does Each Day For His Owner… You WON’T Believe It!

Something very special is happening at a tram stop in Rotterdam-Kralingen, Netherlands each day and the reason why is actually quite amazing…

Even better? It’s happened each day for the past 10 years!

Waiting for public transportation in’t the most pleasant way to start out a morning, but thanks to this very special kitty, passengers are greeted by purrs from this beloved kitty!  Who wouldn’t want to see this each day? :)

This Cat Waits Each Day For The Past 10 Years… When You See It, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes.


Even if passengers aren’t waiting for the tram, ‘Ake’ the cat still waits patiently each day for his owner to come home—rain or shine!


Ake the cat has many fans and they absolute love waiting for the tram with this kitty!


This is the best tram stop in the entire city all thanks to this faithful furry friend.


He even has his very own Facebook page!


This kitty loves everyone and spends his time staying close to passengers before they board the tram.


Sometimes Ake will even board the tram and go along for the ride with some of his friends…cat-at-buss-station-10

…Don’t worry, ake has many friends including tram drivers and nearly the entire community. They all make sure he gets back safe to meet his owner!


His owner can’t even believe all the publicity the cat has had.  He’s almost like a real celebrity in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

His fame continues to spread as people share his story around the internet!


When his owner comes back on the tram, Ake is ready to go home.  What a hero!

cat-at-buss-station-3 Rain or shine, ake the beloved cat waits for his owner.  It’s been happening for over 10 unbelievable years and continues to happen each and every day.

It’s not hard to believe—cats are the most amazing friends ever!

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