Wildfire Destroyed Their Home, But When They Came Back, They Couldn’t Believe It… AMAZING.

Few things instill more horror in the cat owner’s mind than the thought of a fire. Cats have a habit of disappearing during a disaster, leaving the humans grieving. Did the cat survive or not? Often, many never know.

Northern California suffered a massive wildfire. Debi and Jeff Brusatori were forced to leave their Fork Complex, as the fire neared them. Like any pet owner, they were planning on evacuating with their beloved pet, but the calico tabby jumped out of the car, and they couldn’t find her anywhere.

Cat survives fire.

Cat_and_human_reunitedAfter the fire was out, they returned home. Everything was gone. Guess where they found their cat? Under a burned out truck! And, the cat was fine! Whether Ruthie Rosemary stayed under there the whole time, or moved around, no one is certain.

Where Ruthie Rosemary kept herself safe.

Burnt_out_truckThe U.S. Forest Service—Shasta-Trinity National Forest—shared the great news on Facebook! “Out of devastation comes a heartwarming story!”

Lost, but then found, a heartwarming pic with Jeff.

Owner_hugs_catRuthie Rosemary’s grieving owners had to spend five days away, not knowing what had happened to her. But when they returned to their property, there she was meowing under the truck.

Debi hugs her beloved cat.

She_hugs_catThe fire was intense, and the Brusatori’s lost their property, house, and truck. Where the cat hid during the bad blaze is anyone’s guess. Even the truck had melted aluminum on it. She survived, with only singed eyebrows and whiskers.

Suddenly, the losses are minimal, when your cat survives.

Cat_and_human_reunitedRuthie Rosemary’s humans are overjoyed that their cat is alive. They can smile, even though they lost nearly everything else.

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