Woman Rescued Two Cats, But She Had No Idea What Would Happen Next… AMAZING.

Every day millions of people around the world save kitties from abandonment, shelters, or the street. Occasionally, a cat can pay it forward.

This one woman rescued two cats. She had no idea what two cats would be capable of. In the end, they were also able to rescue her.

Two gray, but very furry heroes.

Grey_cats_still_cuddlingIt all started when Reddit User Lushhh lost her job, after it went out of business. She also had some family issues. She didn’t tell anyone about her job loss, as she didn’t want to answer the inevitable questions.

So, tempting, but it is morning after all!

Cat_wants_to_pounceShe saw a photo of Myla, a gray cat with white feet. She couldn’t get the cat out of her mind. She went to bed, and went to sleep with the cat on her mind. In the morning, she and her best friend drove three hours to pick her up.

Ready for some fun please!

2_gray_cats_on_scratchy_postShe then saw a picture of Mason, an all-gray cat. She asked if she could adopt him. The owners dropped him off. The poor little guy was covered in fleas.

Myla was originally owned by a lady who found a box of kittens by the side of the road. Knowing she couldn’t keep them all, she posted photos online, which is how Lushhh saw her future kitty.

As for Mason, he was an unwanted farm cat. His previous owners had found him wandering around. While they were neglecting him, they did the right thing by offering him for adoption.

We know our job, and we do it well. 

Gray_cats_computer_deskIt took four months before Mason trusted Lushhh enough to be cuddled. As the time passed, Lushhh realized the dark place she had fallen into. Her two new kitties distracted her enough, so that the dark thoughts were forgotten.

You’ll stick around for these cuties!

2_gray_cats_cuddlingThese two adorable kitties have kept Lussh positive. She admits that she could never leave them.

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