Women Adopts Elderly Cat, The Reason Why Brings Tears To My Eyes… This Is Truly Heartwarming…

This kitty was abandoned at a local veterinarian’s clinic because he was “too old” at 21 years of age. The poor kitty was depressed and alone, until this kind-hearted person came along. Nicole saw Tigger’s story on their webpage and decided to give him his final forever home.

Sadly, the vet found that Tigger had kidney failure and a golf-ball sized tumor in his body. But despite the sad facts, Nicole and Tigger decided to have one (or several) last adventures! Tigger had so much fun going around and being outdoors, no matter how big or small the trips were.

“The most important part is that Tigger’s story just shows how amazing it is to adopt a geriatric pet and give them the best remaining days! He has forever changed our hearts and will hopefully change the hearts of others when it comes to adopting older pets!” Nicole says.

Just watch the video of these two together – it’s just precious and reminds us that every animal deserves a loving home, no matter what age! View here:

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