Women Almost Hits Kitten With Strange Teeth Crossing The Street, But When She Took A Closer Look…

This little black kitten was crossing a dangerous street when he was nearly hit by a moving car, but thank goodness the lady who stopped just in the nick of time also happened to be a cat lover!

When she discovered the poor black kitten she looked closer and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw it’s teeth.  It was nothing like anything she’d seen!


Nicole Rienzie was on her way home when she spotted the tiny black kitten. “He darted in front of my mom’s car. We stopped and got out,” Nicole told Love Meow.

Nicole also told LoveMeow, “He was covered in filth, bugs and very malnourished. His eyes were infected shut.”


This kitten was stray and could hardly walk due to his poor infected eyes and frail body, but this kind women thought nothing less of the poor little kitten and scooped him up and rescued him!

They scooped up the kitten and took him home, but after a few months she took a closer look at his teeth and noticed them getting longer and longer!

The canines just kept growing longer and longer!  She couldn’t believe it and even took him to the vet, but was assured that everything was normal.



She named the cat Monk and his teeth have become his signature.  Since he has become even more famous as people on Facebook keep sharing his amazing yet strange features!

Monk needed a friend so his owners adopted a friend to keep him company and the two together are an adorable duo!



We’re SOO happy she stopped her car and it was pure luck she was a cat lover.

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story credit LoveMeow and Instagram.


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