You’ll Never Guess What a Boy Found in a Rusted Out Boat One Day… It’s AMAZING

Thirteen years ago a boy was on a vacation and playing by a field. He had fun exploring, and was thrilled when he found a rusted out boat. He found himself the best vacation gift ever! A stray cat! The boy fed him some cheese, and now 13 years later they’re still best buds!

Reddit user RRSC14 is now 23 years old. He named his kitty Lester, and expanded on his story details about how he found his best bud while on vacation.

Lester’s seeking attention

cat_looking_downSomebody wants more cheese. Lester looks quite healthy for a kitty originally diagnosed with feline leukemia.

The boy had been vacationing in Wildwood, NJ, where his family had rented a condo on the lake. There was a field near the condo complex, and on it sat an old rusted out boat that was sitting on a trailer.

He spent some time observing a kitten who had taken up residence in the boat. He watched the kitten leaping in the grass, hunting and eating grasshoppers. He tempted the cat with cheese, and led him indoors.

The cat soon settled in, curling up on his chest. When his parents entered the room, he shushed them. The cat was sleeping.

Did you fall asleep during my massage?

big_kitty_massagesLester loves snuggling up to his human, whether it’s for massages, or a nap.

Fortunately, his parents allowed him to bring the cat back home. They took the cat to the vet, where he was diagnosed with feline leukemia. Cats diagnosed with FELV don’t normally live very long. But Lester survived the odds, and has been living with him for over 13 years now.

Lester shows his gratitude with a massage

cat_gives_back_massageLester just loves giving those back massages!

Now it’s my turn

cat_on_shoulderLester is a friendly kitty, and knows how to ask for attention.

Best buds forever.

cuddling_in_bedLester and his human have grown up together. The man jokes with his Dad that the cat will outlive him.

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